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At Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, all of our consultants abide by high ethical standards, and our goal is to provide exceptional value while easing your workload, saving you time and increasing profitability. One area where being ethical stands out is during the job negotiation process. If you are looking to hire top talent for your human resource company, contact our award-winning team and we will find the right fit for your company and help bring them on board in the most respectful manner possible.


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5 Salary Negotiation Tips for Employers!

Your future employee will benefit going into the new role of the company knowing they were treated fairly in the salary negotiation process.  The person will feel loyal, work harder and be committed to the company.  If they feel that they were not treated fairly, then your company may be just a stop for them in their career as they keep their options open to future opportunity at other organizations.

How to Retain Your Best Talent: Employees Need to be Connected to the Company 

One of the better ways of keeping employees satisfied in their careers is to offer support for learning and development. Let’s face it, the convergence of personal and professional is happening more often in the workforce. People want support for their goals. How can your company develop enough programs to meet the unique needs of all its employees?

Adjust Your Mindset to Find Success in Networking

Most people think of “What’s in it for me” when they think about networking, especially when it has something to do with finding a job. This is a natural thought, because the end result needs to be a job and a means to survive. However, a mindset shift of “How can I help others” will really have more long-term positive effects than the short-term focus of yourself.

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