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Hello Reader,

Happy New Year from everyone at Casey Accounting & Finance Resources!

The compensation trends change every year and with the fluctuating economy, you need to be on top of your game when negotiating salary numbers. We have that information for you!

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Be a Better Teammate - How a Positive Attitude Affects You and Those Around You

With nearly 90 percent of people being affected by your attitude, it's important to recognize the importance of staying positive. How can you stay positive? Why else is it important? If you are finding yourself in a bad place, how do you get back to the right side?

Want to Get a Phone Call? Promote Your Financial IT Skills

Employers are looking for someone who brings along strong interpersonal skills, and knows how to nurture relationships. Precisely, they want a technical expert with the mind of a business consultant.

7 Reasons Recruiting Firms Help You Find the Best Talent - Including Millennials

Millennial employees are highly sought-after in today’s job market, for their technology expertise and above-average career drive. It’s no wonder that the competition is fierce among companies in the Chicago area. In order to recruit the best of the best from the millennial generation, there are multiple reasons recruitment firms can be beneficial to your business.

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