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Hello Reader,

Being a hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers, or an exceptionally skillful or successful person can help you succeed in all walks of like.  Let us help you find your next Superhero to add to your staff!

Contact one of our award-winning recruiters today, and our team of superheroes will take care of all of your employment needs!


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Which Superhero Are You at Work or at Home?!

Do you possess extraordinary talents or superhuman powers when you are at work? The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the definition as "a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also:  an exceptionally skillful or successful person".   With the new Marvel Movie:  Captain America: Civil War out this past weekend we would like to ask:  Which Superhero best describes you?

Hire For Passion Or Experience? Why You Need To Look At The Candidate Experience From The Other Side Of The Table

Employees who have had a negative experience will quickly move onto a competitor and they may not ever consider your company again. Since job candidates have most of the leverage in today’s job search process, a bad experience in the hiring process will eliminate your company from consideration of the top talent you want to add to your organization.

Tips for Working with Multiple Generations in the Workforce

Regardless of where you find yourself on the generational time-table, it is possible to get along with your diverse work team. The key is to understand the uniqueness of each generation’s work style and values. Here are some guidelines that will help multi-generation teams to work together.

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