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Hello Reader,

Do you want to be considered an "A" player? What if we told you that can be accomplished by working 50 hours instead of 70 hours in a week? Does it sound too good to be true?

It probable does, but we are sharing six tips that can help you advance in your career while also giving you an enjoyable personal life!

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Six Keys to Being Happy

“How would you live your life or manage your career differently, if you could start over?”  This question answers the question, “What might you have done differently in order to become a happier person?

They have heard similar responses over and over again, so here is a summary of the six keys to becoming a success in your career and life, a truly HAPPY “A” Player.

Employee Retention: Best Practices To Keep Your Employees Engaged

Employee retention is a big talking point at companies in every industry, with HR managers and other department heads trying to find new ways to keep employees – especially their most talented ones – from jumping ship. If you are perplexed by poor employee retention and grumbling unhappy workers, your organization could be in trouble without prompt action.

Learn About Financial Technology To Make Yourself An Attractive Job Candidate

By keeping up with the times and learning technology as it continues to change, you will turn yourself into a desirable candidate for plenty of financial companies looking to hire the right person. Here’s how to boost your ability to land a great finance job in Chicago by using financial technology.

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